October 28 where autumn grows
As the typhoon approached and it was raining heavily, it was a bit chilly night.

Please spend your time not to lose your physical condition such as a cold.

Well today, we have a pot party from 7 o’clock.

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We sometimes hold a party.
——————————————————————– ————————–
In the guest house Hokkorobi, even on rainy daysWe are trying to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

I can spend a pleasant time with customers I met on my travels.

Even for a little time, those who are living in an environment different from theirs

It is truly fun to talk and it will be a good memory.

There is a language barrier, it is because the story does not convey well

——————————————————————– —————————

Customers are from all over the world and from all over Japan

Today, there were many Korean and Japanese day.









The photograph is a picture around 21 o’clock

Ten seats were full at 22 o’clock.


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It became a heartwarming day with the pot.